Training and Counseling

Financial Literacy Programs

Patricia Davis’ Financial Literacy Programs are based on principles laid out in her two books, which in turn, are based on the wise teachings of her Mother, Mimi, and enhanced by Patricia’s financial education and many years of experience in the finance industry.

In-Person Seminars

Patricia Davis is a dynamic, entertaining presenter with years of experience in such diverse settings as federal government offices, hospitals, church groups, legal offices, schools, and more. Her in-person programs not only present valuable financial knowledge; they also include examples of situations where she has helped others expand their financial knowledge. They provide the opportunity for participants to ask questions and gain insights about their personal situation. Programs run from one hour to one full day in length and may be presented as a series of seminars over an extended period.

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Topics covered in both IN-PERSON SEMINARS include:


Core Financial Management Skills

  • Understanding Your Own Financial Habits: What Are They and How Did They Come About?
  • Principles of Budgeting– Controlling Your Finances Before They Control You
  • Principles of Credit—Using Other People’s Money
  • Understanding the Banking System: Looking Out for the Nickels and Dimes
  • Pre-Retirement Planning—Calculating Your Funding Needs
  • Estate Planning: A Layman’s View—Planning for When the Will Matures
  • Principles of Insurance: Understanding the Rules and Protecting What’s Yours
  • Comprehensive Money Management—Budgeting/Credit/Retirement & Estate Planning

Lifestyle Skills

  • Understanding Reverse Mortgages
  • Sandwich Generation-ers—Taking Care of Yourself First
  • Sandwich Generation-ers—Taking Care of the Older Generation
  • Sandwich Generation-ers—Taking Care of the Younger Generation
  • Retirement Secrets the Sandwich Generation Should Know
  • Secret Ways to Improve Your Finances—Making your Money Last Longer and Go Further

Need-to-Know Skills

  • Money Management Mistakes to Avoid
  • Auto Buying—Putting You in the Driver’s Seat
  • Common Money Scams—Protecting Yourself and Your Loved Ones