Welcome to Davis Financial Services

We live in a financially complex, demanding time. Many of us are not equipped with the knowledge and skills to navigate life’s financial waters. Others have little or no savings. Our seminars and counseling services develop the tools needed for financial independence and sound financial decision-making. We cover money management principles including: the importance of identifying your priorities and of having written financial goals; how to develop (and live by) a budget; debt management; retirement planning; estate planning; and education funding.

 What We Do

Financial Literacy Programs

Our Financial Literacy Programs are aimed at individuals and groups who wish to better understand financial matters to improve their quality of life. At DFS, we are educators helping you build a solid financial future that will serve you well for the rest of your life.


Financial Advisory Services

Our Financial Advisory Services focus on individuals and are delivered principally through one-on-one counseling. Working in concert with you and your goals and objectives, DFS offers financial management advice to help you reach those goals.

Financial Referral Service

Our Financial Referral Service recommends top-quality financial professionals – Accountants, Attorneys, Bankers, Tax Professionals, Investment Advisors – to those needing assistance with specific situations.




Elite Clients We Serve