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img1Financial Advisory Services

Many people prefer the intimacy of a one-on-one counseling environment, particularly when it comes to discussing their personal financial situations. For many years, Patricia Davis has provided this vital service to hundreds of individuals, either as part of an organization’s financial literacy program, or for individuals seeking more personalized assistance with their own financial challenges.
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Corporate Consulting Practice

Increasingly, organizations are recognizing the importance of having their employees or their constituents fluent in personal financial matters. Experts have identified the workplace as a potentially effective venue for providing financial education and helping individuals improve their financial decision making. Research shows that employees who have their finances in order are more productive. In addition, financial education directly impacts many workplace issues:

  • Decreased absenteeism
  • Decrease in theft/embezzlements
  • Increased participation in flexible spending accounts (saving the employer $$ because no FICA or Medicare taxes are paid on those contributions)
  • Decrease in costly garnishments
  • Decrease in amount of work time spent addressing personal financial matters

Patricia Davis has been called upon by several government and private organizations to advise and assist in the design and rollout of innovative financial literacy programs. She is currently assisting the US Government’s Consumer Financial Protection Bureau with a pilot project to test coaching approaches for assisting members of certain target groups to reach their financial goals. As the project’s Subject Matter Expert, Mrs. Davis advises the project’s nation-wide cadre of 60+ financial coaches and assists with defining project metrics and documenting results. Other government agencies served by DFS include: Baltimore County Foster Care Agency; Prince Georges County Department of Aging; Washington, DC Ideal Public Charter School; US General Services Administration; and US Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Davis Financial Services is a woman/minority-owned small business certified by the State of Maryland.