Below you will find a list of Patricia Davis television and radio interviews.

This is a podcast I did recently talking about the difference in money attitudes between the various generations—baby boomers, millennials, Gen Zers, etc. They may think differently, but many of the money basics are the same.



Featured on Washinton, DC’s WUSA 9 News television program “One On One with JC Hayward” on May 22, 2012. To view the entire article, click here.


Sharkie’s Pep Talk

Featured on Sharkie’s Pep Talk — Healthy Life Radio on August 29, 2015

Credit with Chris

Featured on “Living on Top” Radio show on January 13, 2015 with Chris Bridges.


Additional Appearances

Below you will find a list of other Patricia Davis media

Maggie Linton Show; Sirius FM Radio
June 16, 2015

Read My Lips Radio w/Bonnie Graham
June 22, 2015

Mike Shickman Radio Show
August 5, 2015

Sharkie’s Pep Talk HealthyLife.Net Radio Show
August 28, 2015

Michael Dressler Radio Show
September 3, 2015